Flexible Cables

We manufacturer high quality heavy duty power cable.


Standard : (IS 1554 Part-1) 1 100 Volts Grade

Conductor : (IS 8130) High Conductivity Electrolytic grade Plain bright Annealed Copper Solid/ Stranded Conductors.
Insulation : (IS 5831) : General Purpose PVC / XLPE / HR/ FRLS Grade Compound.
Inner Sheath : (IS 5831) : Inner sheath shall be done by extrusion or PVC Tape binding that laid up cores shall not loose and prevent to water entering.
Armouring : (IS 3975) Galvanized Steel Armourwire/ Flat Strip provides mechanical support and also for earthling. For Single Core Cables Non Magnetic Material is Used that to Reduce magnetic Losses.
Outer Sheath : (IS 5831) : Extruded General Purpose PVC / FRLS PVC is used according to IS standard.
Application : Thermal Powerstations, Petrochemical Refineries, Steel &Cement Plants.Power Distribution Systems, Digital Control and Monitoring , lntormation Systems & Buildin Automation Systems i.e. High rise Buildins, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Airports, etc.

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