Fire Survival Cables

Fire Survival Cables. BS 6387 : 1994 IEC 60331-21
The Construction of Fire Survival cables are different from the ordinary Fire Alarm cables. The Copper Conductor is wrapped with a specially designed heat barrier Glass Mica Tape and fire resistant insulation layer is covered over glass mica tape, which resists the fire to reach conductor surface. The cable continues to remain into operation at high temperatures like 750°C and 950°C as per various conditions of operation and applications.

Circuit Integrity Test : as per BS 6387 : 1994
The Test is carried out on the cable operation on load and burning at temperature of 750°C for 2 hours or 950°C For 3hours. The cable is put on clamps aboves the fir burner of hig flames. The power supply is connected to one end of the cable at rated voltage and the load is connected to other end.Fir applied for 3 hours and during this period, and the circuit integrity must be uninterrupted. After the 3 hours, the fir and power is switched off. The cable should report as usual when energized again after a gap of 12 hours.
Standard : ( IS 1554 Part-1 OR BS 5308 Part II)
Conductor : (IS 8130)
High Conductivity electrolytic Grade Annealed bare/Tinned Copper. Solid / Stranded / Multi Stranded Conductor.
Insulation : (IS 5831) : Heat Resistant PVC/ /XLPE/ HR/ FRLS
Laying of Pair / Triad / Quad :
Pair/ Triad/Quad are laid up with suitable lay. Polyester Film/ Melenex Tape is provided to bind up laid up pair / Triad / Quad.
Inner Sheath: (IS 5831) : FR PVC / FRLS PVC / LSZH / ZHFR
Armouring :( IS 3975)
Armouring is applied over inner sheath, it may consist of Galvanized Round Steel wire or Galvanized Flat Steel strips.
Outer Sheath : (IS 5831) :
FR PVC / FRLS PVC / LSZH / ZHFR. The Colour of Outer sheaths is generally Red.
Voltage Rating : 300 /500 /600 / 1100 V
Application :
Building Automation Systems : High rise Buildings, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Airpots, Power Plants, Chemical & Processing industries etc.
Range : 0.5/ 0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5 SQ MM up to 48 Pair.

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