Fire Alarm Cables     Fire Alarm Cables

Standard : ( IS 1554 Part-1 OR BS 5308 Part II)

Conductor : (IS 8130)
High Conductivity electrolytic Grade Annealed bare/Tinned Copper. Solid / Stranded / Multi Stranded Conductor.
Insulation : (IS 5831) : Heat Resistant PVC / HR / FRLS
Laying of Pair/ Triad /Quad :
Pair/ Triad/Quad are laid up with suitable lay. Polyester Film/ Melenex Tape is provided to bind up laid up pair /Triad / Quad.
Inner Sheath : (IS 5831)
Armouring : ( IS 3975)
Armouring is applied over inner sheath, it may consist of Galvanized Round Steel wire or Galvanized Flat Steel strips.
Outer Sheath : (IS 5831)
FR PVC / FRLS PVC/ LSZH / ZHFR. The Colour of Outer sheaths is generally Red.
Voltage Rating : 300/500/600/1100 V
Application : Building Automation Systems : High rise Buildings, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Airpots, Power Plants, Chemical & Processing industries etc.
Range : 0.5/ 0.75/1.0/1.5/2.5 SQ MM up to 48 Pair.
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